Business Travelers and Their Free Time

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Trends showed that business and leisure travels are intersecting and blending more than in the past period. Business travelers is very attractive group to reach, since they prioritize brand site, price and convenience and 57% of them will extend business trip to include leisure time while traveling. Be aware of that and catch them if you can!

Brian is a CEO of a rising company and as such he often travels to conferences and meetings across the globe. He has been recently married for the second time and he doesn’t want to repeat the mistakes from the previous marriage so he brings his wife Jane with him and usually extends his business trip to include leisure time. Additional necessary information you can read on this page.

Brian loves new technologies and uses all the benefits of online booking and payments for his travels and accommodations whenever it’s possible because it saves him a lot of time. In other words his online path and conversions are very easy to track. But what if Brian decides to extend his trip which turned into real vacation for a few more days. These few more days were not included in the price Brian has already paid up front so where did these conversions go? Can we still measure them?

What about his wife?

Jane is a shopping maniac who likes room service, wellness and all other hotel services which are not necessarily included in offers Brian previously booked. She likes expensive hotel stores and eating caviar in a hotel restaurant. All this conversions are measurable and they happened in the offline. How can we track them? Jane has spent a ridiculous sum of money but there is no way to connect her purchases with hotels online presence which led Brian and his wife to this particular hotel. Or is there?



Octalytics does exactly that. It connects online activities with offline purchases and by doing that provides you with important information about online campaigns. If Brian decides to learn to play tennis and hire a hotels private coach, Octalytics automatically connects that action with online activity which led Brian to stay at this particular hotel. End result of using this tool is increasing sales and improving business by focusing marketing efforts into online activities that generate more revenues.

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