Offline and Online Conversions Should Be Connected

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Imagine a family with two children entering a car showroom. They are looking for a family car (caravan). How did they find out about us? How much time did they spend to make a buying decision, since they saw our website for the first time? Do we really want to stop at this step? Or are we ready to motivate them to buy children chair or use our service in future? In order to develop relationship with our customer we need to think in advance.


This situation can appear in tourism as well. For instance, do you have data about your recent  customer’s hometown who paid their booking at the reception? Did they call after they saw your contact number on your website or your Google ad made them? If they have paid by credit card and gave you their email address, you have very usefull information. According to provided data you’ll be able to offer them a special package made exclusively for them.

Marketing tells us the story about getting the right mix, all known marketing mix. This sounds easy and simple but there is much more to talk about. Adding the right media in marketing campaign and ultimately getting results from that integrated combination is the key in getting amazing effects and fulfilling your goals. As it was previously mentioned in last post what are the limits of online tracking, now it is crucial to understand the importance of offline measuring and tracking results of campaigns for your brand.


So, lets conclude this. With your website, you help people do online research with the possibility of offline purchase. Furthermore, your website also provides information to customers who want to learn more and then contact you to buy things. In that case you will exactly know how much online contributed to offline sales and most important, you will know how to optimize your online campaigns. And don’t stop there, merging online and offline measurements can help you a lot to process optimization.

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