Upgrading Loyalty Program by Connecting Offline Conversions

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Different businesses have been using loyalty programs and their variations for decades, usually as a mean to retain or increase the spending of existing customers, acquire new ones or to shift the spending to certain products or services all with the goal to increase profit.

There are many benefits to this approach, but also many restrictions. Is rewarding and tracking purchases enough? Are loyalty programs obsolete or up to the challenges of new technologies and digital channels? Is there a way to combine traditional approach with the abilities of new tracking tools, such as Octalytics?

Loyalty programs make a long term relationship between a brand and a consumer, which is beneficial for both parties. Most loyalty programs are directed to earn points that offer discount, free items or rewards. When given a discount customers usually do a pre purchase research that helps them make a decision. If you have an online campaign that lead your loyal customer to an offline purchase, why wouldn’t you know their way towards you?

Having a basis of your loyal consumers and giving them special offers is great. Most retail brands have developed loyalty programs that their consumers react to. But which offer made our loyal customer to buy a specific product? How about going a step further and implementing a tool that tracks online activities and connects them to offline sales of your loyal customer? This approach allows you to identify the most profitable and most effective online channels by using your customer database which improves your sales and business in the very end. This helps you to focus marketing efforts to create strategies and offers that drive most profitable customers.

Loyalty programs already have a basis of loyal consumers, so why not use it? We offer a bridge to connect loyal consumers with their online way to our offline store, with one click.

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