Retail channels

Many retailers use loyalty cards and discounts as a way of getting and understanding their customers’ buying habits. They gather this big data and analyze it, in the hopes it could benefit boosting their sales.

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With those insights, they try to optimize their offline and online marketing efforts. Conversions from offline marketing channels are impossible to track - you cannot know whether a customer bought your product because they saw your TV ad or your print ad.

Online channels are easier to track but only if customers bought your product in an online store. However, if they came to your site, did their research and went and bought your products in your brick and mortar store, you cannot know which online channel lead them to make a purchase.

But that was up till now. Octalytics connects your offline sales to your online marketing channels and gives you valuable insights. It tracks sales in real time and reports the purchase rate. If the retailer notices that some online channel is more productive than others, they can disperse the budget to the most efficient channel, reducing costs.

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