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One of the biggest challenges in working in the service industry surfaces when your customer can't make a purchase online and you, in return, can’t determine which marketing efforts lead them to an offline sale.

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The best thing about Octalytics is its ability to connect your offline sales transactions with your current analytics tool and to see which online marketing activities are generating most offline sales. Services are a beautiful thing to advertise, but are a nightmare to try and close a purchase online on. That is why most of services are sold offline, and here lies the main challenge in trying to measure your marketing channels’ performance - you don’t know which channel lead to a successful purchase.

Octalytics measures the success rate of your marketing channels in the offline world, and it gives you a measurable ROI figure, which used to be reserved only for online purchases. At the end of your campaign, you will have precise data about your online spendings by channel and how each impacted offline sales. With these insights you can optimize budgets according to the most successful channel, transferring funds from channels with lower performance.

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