FAQ Octalytics

What is Octalytics?

Octalytics is a tracking tool that connects offline purchases to your customers’ online activities and gives your web analytics valuable data.
This enables you to better understand your customers’ journey from online campaigns that lead to offline purchases and vice versa.

What is the difference between Octalytics and similar tools?

Similar tools track online activities of the customer until online purchase, but can’t track sale behavior if a user sees a product online but goes and buy in the brick and mortar shop. Similar tools can't connect offline and online, but Octalytics can.

Where can I get setup support?

If you need general support or implementation support for Octalytics you can contact us using the contact form or at [email protected] If you need help implementing the tool to your website, you should contact your developer.

Can Octalytics manage multiple user accounts?

In the registration process you can register your company and a person who is an owner of the account. The owner of the account can add other people with different levels of permissions to manage your account. Also, the owner of the registered company in Octalytics can add multiple websites that are connected to his company and manage them using one company account.

How can I be sure that this tool works effectively?

Every second Octalytics tracks all online activities to let you know how many people are deciding on a purchase influenced by your online activities.

5. How are the online campaigns connected with offline conversions?

Regular web analytics tools, CRM or ERP (if you have them) don’t provide a clear connection of offline sales and your online activities. Octalytics serves as a container and a connection between offline sales and online activities. It creates IDs for users that purchase your product or service offline and connects that ID to the ID that your web analytics tool has generated for them. In that way it shows you which online activities are affecting offline sales.

How much does it cost?

The price is defined by the number of users and all the data that Octalytics can collect for you.
You can find the pricing manual here: link.

Is there a trial period for using this tool?
Yes, there is 14-day trial version. To try the trial version sign up.

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